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Daksafe Roofbuddy anchor point

Ingenious attachment techniques

The Daksafe Roofbuddy anchor point has been developed with a series of ingenious attachment techniques for fast and simple attachment to the most commonly encountered roofs. This means the Daksafe Roofbuddy is also the ideal safety anchor during temporary or short-term activities, like when replacing and installing skylights and dome lights.

Attachment with 14x long screws

The Daksafe Roofbuddy anchor point is attached to the surface using 14x long screws (supplied). The Roofbuddy has been designed in accordance with norm EN 795-A and is used to connect fall protection devices and prevent the risk of falling.

The anchor point can be used together with the following types of roof coverings:

  • Bituminous
  • PVC
  • TPO
  • EPDM

Daksafe Roofbuddy can be screwed into the following surfaces:

  • Metal (directly)
  • Wood (directly)
  • Concrete (drilling)
  • Aerated concrete (directly)

An overview of the advantages

  • All components are made from stainless steel 316.
  • Can be attached directly, as of roof covering.
  • Very easy assembly.
  • Attachment using 14 long screws (supplied).
  • For just about all types of roof constructions.
  • Suitable for use by 2 people.
  • EN 795 1996 tested.

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