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Cage ladders and façade ladders by Daksafe®

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A suitable ladder or cage ladder for all projects. Daksafe offers a wide range of fixed ladders, rope ladders, cage ladders and façade ladders. For special projects, we are able to have stairs and ladders produced by a certified manufacturer.

Norms and requirements façade ladders

The law states that fixed façade ladders can be used for heights up to 3 metres. Daksafe is able to offer façade ladders that are attached to the façade as well as standalone façade ladders featuring ballast. Façade ladders are supplied and installed in accordance with health & safety requirements and norm NEN 14122/4.

Norms and requirements cage ladders

The law states that a cage structure is mandatory once climbing height exceeds 3 metres. This means façade ladders must feature fall protection and rails on the sides of the ladder in accordance with norm EN-14122. If necessary, we can also measure and install cage ladders.

Daksafe cage ladders feature:

  • Entry and exit traps
  • Fall protection
  • Landings
  • Intermediate landings
  • Climb-in protection

An overview of the advantages

  • A suitable ladder for any project.
  • Fixed ladders, rope ladders, cage ladders and façade ladders.
  • Standard or custom-made.
  • Compliant with existing laws and safety requirements.
  • All façade and cage ladders comply with norm NEN 14122.
  • All ladders can be supplied in aluminium, galvanised steel and any RAL colour.
  • Daksafe takes care of everything - complete peace of mind.

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Innovative fall protection and roof safety for all roofs. From design and production to assembly and maintenance. Daksafe leaves nothing to chance.

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