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Fall protection for flat roofs

Daksafe® KS1 permanent cable system

The Daksafe® KS1 cable system is an advanced and permanent safety line system made of stainless steel 316. The fall protection system has been specially developed by Daksafe for flat roofs and has been extensively tested in accordance with the new EN795-A, C:2012 and CEN/TS 16415:2013 norms.

The cable system for flat roofs can be used in combination with the following types of roof coverings:

  • Bituminous
  • PVC
  • TPO
  • EPDM
  • Any synthetic film.
  • Standing seam and metal roofs

Properties of the Daksafe® KS1 cable system

The Daksafe® KS1 cable system can be used on the most popular construction surfaces and has the following properties:

  • All components are made from stainless steel 316.
  • Seamless up to a height of 100 mm, thus watertight!
  • For just about all types of roof constructions.
  • The KS1 Green Pole is available for green roofs.
  • Effective and smooth-running trolley.
  • Low forces (ca. 8-9kN) on construction.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Anchor points are internally insulated.
  • Optional treatment available for adhesive plates to ensure extra bonding.
  • Mounting products are also fully insulated. Thus very few thermal bridges.
  • Constant pre-load at all temperatures.
  • Several people can use the system at the same time.
  • Unlimited installation configurations to cover all possibilities.
  • EN 795:2012 and CEN/TS 16415:2013 tested.

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