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Pathways, escape routes and signs by Daksafe®

The correct route on your roof

Suitable pathways, escape routes and clear signs play a very important role when ensuring safety on roofs and preventing the risk of falling. For instance, pathways - possibly in combination with signs - indicate a safe path across the roof and show the fastest way to get from the roof to a safe zone or escape route.

Use a special pathway

Pathways are created using concrete or rubber tiles, mineralised strips or different coloured roof coverings. The most important requirement for pathways on roofs is that they must be clearly visible. Concrete tiles are thus unsuitable because they are also used for roof edges or as ballast, and can create confusion.

Clear escape routes

The most important consideration when creating an escape route is that it must be clear for all to see. Escape routes on roofs can be divided into two categories:

  • Publicly accessible --> escape route in accordance with Dutch Building Decree
  • Not publicly accessible --> escape route in accordance with health & safety requirements

Daksafe can offer a suitable solution for all roofs.

An overview of the advantages

  • Guarantee of an appropriate and safe pathway on the roof.
  • Shows the way to safe zone or escape route.
  • Unambiguous signs in case of obstacles or danger.
  • Concrete tiles are not suitable for pathways.
  • Separate pathways ensure transparency.

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