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GéBé fall restraint by Daksafe®

Fall restraint, marker and pathway in one

Daksafe® is able to offer ready-made solutions for all fall restraint issues. The patented GéBé fall restraint always ensures effective fall prevention on flat roofs. For instance, the GéBé combines a clear marker and pathway in one unique system, which means users are always restrained up to the edge of the roof. So falling is impossible; a safe prospect.

Properties of the system:

  • Aluminium rails and concrete tiles
  • Own weight 80 kg/metre
  • Width of system 660mm

‘The system always prevents falls from roofs.’

An overview of the advantages

  • Easy to attach; serves as ballast on the roof.
  • No attachment through the roof. Ideal for cold stores and swimming pool roofs.
  • Can also be used as pathway.
  • Use in combination with hip belt.
  • No risk of tripping.
  • System does not have to be certified.
  • PPE must be certified once a year.
  • Cannot be used in combination with other PPE.
  • Re-use always possible.
  • Ideal in combination with standalone weighted façade ladders and DakHek.

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