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DakHek® by Daksafe®

A modular system for flat roofs

Working at a height requires absolute safety. This can be realised using a sophisticated and effective solution: DakHek®. DakHek® is a standalone fence that is placed on your roof. It has been tested and approved by Aboma+Keboma and is also fully patented.

‘Already more than 10,000 metres supplied and installed.’

(Dis)assembly using a single wrench

DakHek® consists of aluminium components and just one type of aluminium tube. This means the DakHek® is easy to assemble and disassemble using just one wrench. The base is supplied together with a pre-mounted foot block. The posts feature pre-mounted connectors and end caps.

The DakHek® can be finished as follows:

  • Rough
  • Anodised
  • In RAL colour
  • With curved posts

With gate opening.

An overview of the advantages

  • Absolute safety; standalone and extendible fence.
  • Maximum standard span of 3 metres.
  • Easy assembly and disassembly.
  • Sleek design, rounded tubes and fully recyclable.
  • No components susceptible to corrosion
  • For flat roofs with a maximum slope of 4 degrees.
  • To be fitted with toe boards.
  • Also available as 2-metre boundary.
  • To be integrated with tiled paths, slab paths and gravel paths.
  • Tested in accordance with EN 13374.

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